How to Create an Online Yoga Course Without Making Yourself Crazy by Eileen McGurty, Ph.D.

How to Create an Online Yoga Course Without Making Yourself Crazy

A 4-part video series for yoga teachers who want to build a sustainable income with online courses


Making a living as a yoga teacher is not for the faint of heart. You run from studio to studio, trying to fill up your classes; you build creative workshops, hoping someone will show up; and you hustle for privates, trying not to be too sales-y.

There is a way out of yoga teacher hell: When you add an online course to your offerings, you can build a sustainable income without working 80 hours a week.

If you are like most yoga teachers, you want to tap into the $107 billion online education market but don't know where to start turning your idea into an online program.

In this 4-part series, you will learn from experienced yoga teachers about how to create a successful online yoga course.  

  • Marjorie Nass shows you how to start small and build gradually as a way to keep the technology overwhelm under control. 

  • Catherine Middlebrooks  started out focusing on "yoga for busy moms" and found out that was too broad (yes! too broad). She narrowed her topic and found an ideal niche for a course.  

  • Pleasance Silicki was exhausted running a yoga studio and barely scraping by. She took the bold step of closing shop, and now she teaches online courses and works in-person with long term clients. She's sane and making a decent living.

  • Jackie Blackwell needed to find a way to build a yoga career while her husband’s job took them all around the country.  She honed in on her successful 1x1 therapeutics program for back pain and translated it for online learning.  

You will also get an in-depth tour of their amazing online courses.  See how regular yoga teachers - just like you, not yogalebrities -- built successful online yoga courses without a huge staff or massive investment.

What's included?

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Welcome and Introduction
Welcome to How to Create an Online Yoga Course Without Making Yourself Crazy.
Marjorie Nass, Reset and Renew
Marjorie Nass Interview
30 mins
Tour of Marjorie's online course: Reset and Renew
6 mins
Catherine Middlebrooks, Heal Your Core with Yoga
Catherine Middlebrooks Interview
34 mins
Tour of Catherine's online course: Heal Your Core with Yoga
6 mins
Pleasance Silicki, THRIVE!
Pleasance Silicki Interview
37 mins
Tour of Pleasance's online course: Thrive
5 mins
Jackie Blackwell - Letting Go of Back Pain for Good
Jackie Blackwell Interview
39 mins
Tour of Jackie's online yoga course: Let Go of Back Pain for Good
4 mins

Teach Yoga and Build a Sustainable Income

Welcome!  My goal is to help you tap into the enormous potential of online teaching to transform your business – and your students.  I’ve synthesized my nearly 20 years of online teaching expertise into a streamlined course development process so you can get your course DONE with no headaches, stress or worry.